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Catalytic converters for spark-ignition engines

Small spark-ignition engines are widely used on plant and machinery, fueled by either petrol, or LPG. Such engines are lightweight, inexpensive and usually air-cooled.

Since the emissions standards with which they must comply are not stringent, they do not incorporate the fuel injection and engine management systems required on larger spark-ignition engines fitted to cars and motorcycles.

Catalytic converters are not required as standard either, so the toxic emissions they produce can be very high – especially carbon monoxide. In fact, a typical four-stroke 5.5 hp single cylinder petrol engine emits a lot more carbon monoxide than most modern cars. Two stroke engines are even worse.

In many cases, this might not be an issue, but problems can arise where an operator is working in close proximity to an exhaust – as in the case of a disk cutter, for example, or where an engine is used indoors, such as on a power-float. Either of these situations could put an employee at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Plus, as even low levels of carbon monoxide exposure can cause headaches and tiredness, the employee is more likely to make a mistake, or have an accident.

BISAF Distribution

BISAF distributes catalytic silencers, which are a direct replacement for the standard silencer on Honda GX120, GX160, GX200, GX240 and GX270 engines.

These reduce toxic carbon monoxide emissions by over 90% and also substantially lower hydrocarbon emissions, which are responsible for unpleasant exhaust smells.

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