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Double Conveyor Belt

BISAF double conveyors are cost-cutting and time-saving, enabling skip or lorry loading at twice the speed. They are designed to transfer soil, small stones and similar types of solid material.

The twin belts are each individually powered by a standard 2.2kW, 110V engine; alternatively, 4kW, 400V 3-phase engines can be used. As with our single conveyor belts, the double model has an unrivalled, user-friendly design.

The length of the conveyors can be readily adjusted to any from 3.75m to a maximum of 13.75m.

To hire conveyor belts please visit Premier Plant Hire.

Advantages of using a double conveyor

These can be summarised in two words: speed & reliability.

Single belt conveyors are much slower at filling a lorry, which can lead to delays, while the twin belts of our new double conveyors can shift excavated spoil in half the time.

Their full adjustability means they can be customised to suit site requirements. Plus, two independently functioning belts give double operational security.

Fastest site-to-truck transfer yet

Our industry-leading double conveyor belts enable developers to use lorries where skips are not an option. Their innovative design allows for rapid loading of rubble, aggregate and soil directly onto tipper trucks, which can then be driven straight to the nearest recycling station.

Not only does this speed of operation promote greater efficiency, but site–to-truck transfer also offers a practical solution where use of skips is banned by local authorities, or where access is impossible for standard width vehicles.

To hire narrow tipper trucks, please visit Premier Plant Haulage.

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