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Single Conveyor Belt

Modular conveyors can solve many problems associated with access, excavation, demolition and transfer of materials – often resulting in significant savings in time, labour and machinery costs. They are easy to install and operate and can be dismantled quickly when a project is finished.

BISAF works in close liaison with plant hire and construction clients in the ongoing development of our range of modular conveyor belts, to ensure they best meet our customers’ requirements. Our single conveyors currently range from 300mm to 600mm wide and may be seen in operation on many building sites across London, for the removal of spoil in tight conditions. Basement construction companies are major users.

Conveyors are normally installed at an early stage of a project, to facilitate the continuous transfer of spoil from the area being excavated to a skip – or, in some instances, a waiting lorry. Belts with a width of 300mm or 450mm are commonly used in such situations. Because they are modular, their length can easily be modified as the site develops. This is achieved by adding conveyor sections and stapling extra rubber belt into the loop.

Alternatively, conveyors can be shortened by simply reversing this process. Conveyors from 3.75m to 13.75m can be operated using a 2.2kW, 110V single-phase engine; a 4kW, 400V 3-phase engine will allow a total length of 22.5m to be run.

The rubber belt

Rubber belts can be supplied in several variations. The standard specification comes with 50mm high cleats every 60cms.

Belts with 75mm high cleats are available where belts are to be operated at steep angles.

BISAF also offers belts with chevron patterns, or without any cleats, for special applications.

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