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Diesel particulate filters for engines over 20 KW

For diesel engines over 20 kW, BISAF offers diesel particulate systems which combine active and passive regeneration. These are suitable for retrofitting on engines which originally complied with the Stage 2 and Stage 3A requirements, bringing them up to compliance with Stage 3B. This enables older plant and machinery to qualify under the Code of Practice introduced by the Mayor of London in September 2015.

Diesel engines with a power output of 37 kW and over, manufactured since 2014, already come with Stage 3 compliant diesel particulate filters as standard.

Operators of older plant always have the option of reducing their exhaust emissions by trading it in against a newer model. However, where plant and machinery are specialised, expensive to replace and have plenty of useful life left in them, retrofitting a diesel particulate filter may well be a better, more cost- effective solution.

Another major consideration is that many of the OEM diesel particulate filters require the driver to follow a special procedure when active regeneration is needed. Unfortunately, educating operators about this requirement is difficult – especially when plant is hired in – and failure to follow the correct procedures often results in machine down-time and a service call-out.

In contrast BISAF retrofit filter systems require no driver involvement whatsoever and are therefore more reliable on site.

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