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Diesel particulate filters for engines up to 19 KW

Exhaust emissions from off-highway diesel engines are currently governed by European regulations, which vary according to engine power.

Engines below 19 kW are only required to meet the Stage 2 limits, while those over 58kW must already be Stage 4 compliant. As a result, engines below 19 kW are comparatively dirty and low-tech.

BISAF set out to address these issues by developing a diesel particulate filter system specifically for such small engines. Key considerations were that they are often used on plant and machinery in environments with severe space constraints and that existing systems available for larger engines are simply too bulky.

Our solution: to design a filter which relies on active regeneration only – typically once every eight hours.

The procedure is as follows:

  • The engine is stopped
  • A special 24 volt battery pack is connected to the filter
  • The ‘start’ button is pressed
  • After about 24 minutes, the regeneration cycle is complete and the machine is ready for use again

In addition to ease of operation, a major advantage of this system is that installation and removal are quick, which makes these filters ideal for companies in the plant hire sector.

There are currently two versions available: for engines below 10 kW; and for engines from 10 to 19 kW.

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