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Diesel particulate filters of less than 19 KW

Retrofit diesel particulate filters for construction machines of less than 19 kW – “The Particulator”

BISAF developed “The Particulator” because we saw that smaller construction machines with relatively high concentration of DPM in the exhaust were being used in confined spaces leading to dangerously poor air quality for workers and others at and near the site. We started by using OEM filter technology in which all of the exhaust passes through a ceramic wall flow filter. Because of unreliable operating cycles, and mounting the filter at the end of the exhaust system for easy installation and removal, a passive regeneration system would not work so an electrical heating system has been developed to clean the trapped particulate from the system.

The Particulator has the following advantages:

  • Filter and regeneration system in one unit for easy installation and operation
  • Installed and removed from a machine in minutes – ideal for the machine hire industry.
  • Convenient and quick regeneration – connect power and press one button to start. Regeneration complete in 30 minutes.
  • Robust construction and components – stainless steel components with thick insulation and optional steel cover for mechanical and heat protection.
  • An electronic back pressure monitor and data logger – allows download of history to see frequency of regeneration and aid investigation of operational problems.
  • OEM filter components giving virtual elimination of Diesel particulate from exhaust – independently tested by an automotive test laboratory.

To find out about the EU Legislation and London LEZ requirements, please read here.

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