Using a Retrofit DPF to Meet Emissions Requirements

Construction companies are being faced with increasing demands for emissions compliance on the machinery that they are using. Examples are working in the London NRMM LEZ and on HS2. Current requirements are for EU stage IIIB on HS2 sites outside of the London central activity zone (CAZ)/Canary Wharf and inside the CAZ/Canary Wharf for the London nrmm LEZ. Requirements for the London nrmm LEZ are due to tighten in September 2020, with EU Stage IIIB emissions standards required within the Greater London area and EU stage IV required for CAZ/Canary Wharf. The regulations allow an upgrade of an EU Stage IIIA machine with an approved retrofit DPF to bring it to EU Stage IIIB equivalent.

A Johnson Matthey DPF For Your Machine

All Johnson Matthey DPFs for construction machines are on the Energy Saving Trust register for use in the London nrmm LEZ and on HS2 sites. They have a complete range of filter sizes and regeneration types to allow any machine to be retrofitted. BISAF are the sole UK agents for these DPFs and can install and commission the systems to your machines. They will also issue a certificate, that is registered with the EST, to prove that the machine has been retrofitted with an approved DPF.

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