A Versatile DPF for Plant Hire Fleets

Opportunity For Additional Hire Revenue

Plant hire companies need to meet their customer’s requirements as well as having the range of equipment to give opportunities to earn additional revenue. Air quality, particularly when operating in enclosed spaces, is an increasing concern for employers, workers and members of the public in the vicinity of the construction site. Being able to offer an effective solution for the build up of Diesel particulate fumes from, relatively dirty, small construction machines will create additional hire opportunities.

Diesel Exhaust – A Hazard in the Construction Workplace

Diesel particulate has been designated as a human carcinogen by the World Health Organisation, increasing the risk of lung cancer, and has been associated with other cancer risks, cardiovascular disease and dementia. It is estimated that hundreds die of lung cancer in the UK each year due to their exposure to Diesel exhaust fumes as construction workers. There is HSE guidance for Diesel exhaust fumes in the workplace and they recommend DPFs as an effective way to mitigate this risk. Diesel exhaust is also covered by COSHH regulations and will soon have EU regulated maximum permitted levels in the workplace.

The Particulator® uses the same ceramic filter technology employed on many new trucks and larger construction machines. It has been independently tested to give 99.9%+ removal of particulate from Diesel exhaust.

Using The Particulator®

Fitting and removing The Particulator® takes a matter of minutes once the custom frame has been installed to a machine. This means that a Particulator® can be swapped between machines depending on the requirements of the customer. This gives flexibility to the plant hire company in offering a low emissions solution for a range of machine types.

The filter does not need replacement but requires regular regeneration. This is achieved by turning off the engine, plugging in a 110V external supply and pressing one button on the control cabinet. Regeneration takes 30 minutes and then the filter is ready to go again. This process should be carried out once a day and there is a simple traffic light system on the control cabinet to indicate the state of the filter. Operation is simple, easy to train and there are straightforward instructions on the control cabinet.

The Particulator® has an optional stainless steel cover for additional mechanical protection and to prevent operator contact with hot surfaces, particularly during regeneration.

Upgrading Emissions of Larger Machines With Johnson Matthey DPFs

Johnson Matthey’s full range of retrofit DPFs is also available for permanent fit to machines where an upgrade in emissions standards is required. For example, to comply with the London nrmm LEZ requirements. BISAF is the sole UK agent for Johnson Matthey’s nrmm DPF range.