BISAF Diesel Particulate Filter for Smaller Construction Machines – The Particulator®

BISAF developed a DPF, The Particulator®, because we saw that smaller construction machines, having relatively high concentration of particulate in the exhaust, were being used in confined spaces, leading to dangerously poor air quality for workers and others at and near the site. BISAF are currently looking for regional distributors of The Particulator® in the UK and EU.

Using the Particulator®

Fitted and Removed From Machine in Minutes

The Particulator® is made up of a state of the art permanent filter and a control cabinet for on board regeneration. The Particulator® is bolted to a frame normally installed behind the machine operator and can be fitted to or removed from the frame in minutes. This feature is important for the plant hire business where a filter may not be specified for every job and the filter can be transferred to a machine when it is required.

Easy to Monitor Filter Soot Loading

Because of unpredictable operating cycles, and mounting the filter at the end of the exhaust system for easy installation and removal, temperatures are too low for a passive regeneration system to work, so an electrical heating system has been developed to clean the trapped particulate from the system. A sensor monitors the back pressure in front of the filter and a traffic light system shows when to regenerate.

Simple Filter Regeneration in 30 Minutes

When the filter monitor indicates that the filter should be regenerated, the engine is turned off, an external 110V electrical supply is connected, and one button is pushed on the control box to start the process. After 30 minutes the clean filter is ready to start work again. Normally the filter would be regenerated at the end of a working shift to ensure it is ready for a full day of operation.

Independently Tested to Virtually Eliminate Diesel Particulate

We started by using OEM filter technology in which all of the exhaust passes through a ceramic wall flow filter. This was independently tested at Cambustion Ltd to give over 99.9% particulate removal. The regeneration cycle was also monitored during testing and showed good removal of accumulated particulate resulting in low back pressure over the filter. The Particulator’s electrical cabinet is CE marked and meets IP55 for protection against ingress of dust and water.

Cambustion Presentation

The Particulator

Proven Durability On Site and Simple to Operate

The Particulator® is constructed in stainless steel with thick insulation to retain heat and high quality components for durability. It has now been used by customers on different construction sites and has proved to be robust in operation as well as popular with workers, as it gives a major improvement to the air that they breathe. There is also an optional stainless steel cover available that protects the filter system from impacts during machine use as well as providing additional worker heat protection during regeneration. An electronic back pressure monitor and data logger shows the operator the condition of the filter and when a regeneration is needed, with a simple traffic light system. It is also possible to download the backpressure history to see frequency of regeneration and aid investigation of any operational problems.

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