Removes virtually all Diesel particulate from the exhaust of smaller construction machines up to 30 kW. Quick to install and remove so can be interchanged between machines. Convenient and fast filter regeneration, with no filter replacement. Essential for cleaner air while working in confined spaces.

New and improved! Our PARTICULATOR® V2 has a larger flashing LED that gives improved visibility of filter condition and when to regenerate. New software prevents regeneration when filter overfilled and possible damage to filter element. Same simple operation with one press regeneration.

The Particulator®
BISAF Particulator


Diesel particulate is the most dangerous component of Diesel exhaust and increases the risk of cancer. It is responsible for tens of thousands of deaths in the UK each year and is a major cause of global warming. The Particulator virtually eliminates particulate emissions, reducing health risk to workers and benefitting climate change.

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BISAF Particulator
BISAF Particulator

BISAF – Supplying Diesel Particulate Filters for Construction Machines

BISAF is a technology provider to the construction industry specialising in solutions to improve air quality and worker safety.

BISAF has developed an exhaust particulate filter, The Particulator, aimed at the needs of the plant hire industry and construction contractors.

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Construction companies working with machines in enclosed spaces are placing their workers, and others nearby, at risk from the dangerous pollutants in Diesel exhaust. Using a Particulator will virtually eliminate the risk from fine particles, the most hazardous component in exhaust gasses.

Construction Companies


Hire companies can use The Particulator® to offer machines that are suitable for working in confined spaces and air quality sensitive areas such as schools and hospitals. Offering The Particulator® enables sales of machines to those looking to limit emissions as well as increasing revenue through the hire of the DPF itself.

Hire Companies


BISAF have a range of case studies that describe how The Particular has been used to help clean up construction to help keep workers, and the environment, safe.

Case Studies

Background technical information and regulations

The exhaust pollutants of smaller construction machines are not as tightly regulated, with even a Stage V machine of less than 19 kW having particulate limits 27 times higher than the larger machinery. EU emissions regulations for construction machinery and the technology that is used to meet them can be complex. This, as well as the requirements for the London nrmm LEZ, is explained.

The factors in selecting the correct DPF for your machine are detailed below.

Visit FAQs How DPFs Work and DPF Selection EU Legislation For NRMM London NRMM LEZ Requirements

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