Johnson Matthey has announced that it will not supply any retrofit DPF systems for the non-road market in Europe after 31 October 2021. Also, they will have limited capability to supply spare parts for existing systems. They have said that they will continue to honour their contractual obligations, including warranty.

BISAF Ltd, who have been the UK sole agents for these Johnson Matthey products, will no longer be able to offer them to the UK market. We will continue to support our customers who have purchased JM DPF products as far as we are able to do so.

BISAF is in discussion with other established manufacturers of retrofit DPF and SCR systems with an aim to offer these to its customers in the UK. We are hoping to announce the availability of these alternatives soon so that we can continue to provide a full range of verified retrofit emissions technology to the UK construction sector.

The Particulator®, a conveniently installed DPF for smaller construction machines, is a BISAF developed product and its availability is unaffected by the Johnson Matthey announcement.