Premier Plant Hire, based in South East London and a sister company to BISAF, has been using the Particulator® on its hire fleet of mini excavators since the beginning of 2019. A lot of these machines are used by their customers to dig basements and this can lead to very poor air quality as the Diesel powered machines work in these confined spaces. Premier Plant Hire now have large fleet of Particulators® to hire and they are proving popular with their customers as they virtually remove the carcinogenic particulate that their workers would otherwise be breathing in all day.

Premier Plant Hire’s Operations Manager, Steve Creasy, comments that “The Particulator® is popular with our customers and they are mostly all out on hire. Not only do they dramatically improve air quality in the workplace but they are easy for our customers to use with simple instructions. From our point of view they are quick to transfer between machines, are reliable and don’t need much in the way of maintenance. They have a high utilisation and a fast payback.”

Having successfully used the Particulator® on mini excavators for the last year, Premier Plant Hire have also started to offer them for use with generators.